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Posted by phpVMS Installer on 26/06/2017

Welcome to TransAtlantic

Here at the T.A.V

 We are always expanding our route network, if there are routes you would like to have established, please contact the CEO or Route Manager for the region.  We are always working on expanding our fleet, so if there is a aircraft your interested in flying that we do not have in one of our fleets, please contact the CEO. We may purchase the a/c for you based on your pilot record with the T.A.V . We will soon be have an assortment of challenges to pursue over the course of your career to add to the list of achievements.
We try to maintain an open door policy at the T.A.V  The management are always open to comments and suggestions from pilots. As we continue to grow, new administrative positions may develop, and general airline structuring may evolve to meet ever changing demands. Our goal is to create a reasonably flexible airline able to meet the needs of our passengers and pilots! We will always try to take all pilot feedback and comments into consideration when making any changes to Virtual Airline operations.

Our Flights

Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Hdg GSpeed Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
TAV3088Ben ZimmerEGKKVHHHA350-90011.50-792 ft/mAccepted
TAC6548Mike Abbott-SmithLOWIEGKKA330-23401.46-431 ft/mAccepted
TAV3009Mike Abbott-SmithLGIREGCCB737-80004.07-59 ft/mAccepted
TAV3008Warren HollandEGCCLGIRA330-23404.11-64 ft/mAccepted
TAV3054Ben ZimmerEGKKEDDBB737-80001.46-258 ft/mAccepted
TAV3029Ben ZimmerEGMCEGKKC172 SKYHAWK00.41-20 ft/mAccepted
TAV3028Ben ZimmerEGKKEGMCC172 SKYHAWK00.43-82 ft/mAccepted
TAC321Armin Fidalgo-MonfaredCYYZKPHLB787-80001.16-201 ft/mAccepted
TAC545Ben DeanEGCCKLAXB777-200 LR11.20-258 ft/mAccepted
TAV3084Mike Abbott-SmithEGKKLGKFB737-80003.17-774 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

Armin Fidalgo-MonfaredCanada
Ben ZimmerCanada
Warren HollandUnited Kingdom


Random Screenshot!
Random Screenshot
Submitted By Warren - TAV001
On - 10/07/2017

Newest Pilots

TAV011 Ben Zimmer
TAV010 Richie D
TAV009 Armin Fidalgo-Monfared
TAV008 Mike Abbott-Smith
TAV007 Louis Maguire

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Pilots: 11
Total Airline Hours: 368
Flights: 132
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 128,554
Aircraft: 17
Passengers: 29,657
Routes: 111