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Posted by Warren Holland on 13/12/2017

Airport Visual System

Airport Visual System (AVS) is inspired by a well known On-board Airport Navigation System (OANS) and designed to be a useful assistant during airport navigation.
AVS provides basic functional of a real OANS system with many custom  enhancements, modern user interface and interactive map. Among other features there is an ability to interactively build taxi
routes and show the traffic situation in the current airport.
As a bonus, AVS also provides an ability for viewing images and PDF files in simulator environment. It is available for three platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac (all 64-bit).
1) Accurate representation of a moving airport map
2) Graphical and textual representation of all taxiways, holding points, aprons, runways and other important airfield data
3) Taxi-route depiction, optimization, visualization and verification.
4) Terrain and navaids representation
5) Real time representation of other traffic active in the airfield
6) Chart and general pdf loader available inside the application

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Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Hdg GSpeed Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
TAV3139Randy HemmKSEAKSFOB737-30001.49-162 ft/mAccepted
TAC0054Ben ZimmerKMIAPANCA350-90008.49-143 ft/mAccepted
TAC0053Ben ZimmerCYGKCYTZC172 SKYHAWK01.24-55 ft/mAccepted
TAC1981Louis MaguireEGLLENGMA320-21101.48-567 ft/mAccepted
TAC1981Louis MaguireLGAVEGLLB777-200 LR03.13-316 ft/mAccepted
TAC0052Ben ZimmerCYOWCYGKSF5000.29-169 ft/mAccepted
TAC0051Ben ZimmerCYULCYOWSF5000.31-18 ft/mAccepted
TAC0050Ben ZimmerCYYGCYULE-17501.29-222 ft/mAccepted
TAC0049Ben ZimmerCYYTCYYGE-17501.27-493 ft/mAccepted
TAV3135Jim DavisCYULKJFKB737-80000.53-193 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

Mike Abbott-SmithUnited Kingdom


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Random Screenshot
Submitted By Warren - TAV001
On - 09/07/2017

Newest Pilots

TAV019 Bruce Jones
TAV018 Jim Davis
TAV017 Vic Bond
TAV016 Sultan Rashid
TAV015 Luke Porter

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Pilots: 16
Total Airline Hours: 1,000
Flights: 337
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 371,536
Aircraft: 18
Passengers: 69,228
Routes: 160