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Avg Landing: -278 FPM

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Submitted By Richie - UAE010
On - 05/31/2019


Pilots: 13
Total Airline Hours: 5,774
Flights: 2,565
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 1,892,491
Aircraft: 34
Passengers: 248,083
Routes: 1229


Newest Pilots

SWA124 Garfield Garovsky
SWA123 Mark Harper
SAS048 Nicholas Hartmann
AAL042 Patrick Woods
BAW041 Michael Cudlip



Latest News

Posted by Mark Harper on 20/03/2020

Hub Manager.

I'd like to welcome Mark Harper as the new hub Manager for KDAL, Dallas Love Field.

If you'd like to contact Mark with any route changes or additions please contact Mark on his email :-

Kind regards.


Our Flights

Route Map

Company Pilot Aircraft Dept Arr Status Altitude Speed Dist/Time Remain

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
TAV5411MichaelLJLJLIRFA320-21101.24-320 ft/mAccepted
TAC04011KennethKTULKDALB737-80001.25-215 ft/mAccepted
UAL1611WazzSCTESCSEB737-80001.51-271 ft/mAccepted
TAC154MichaelEGHHEGHIC172 SKYHAWK00.22-111 ft/mAccepted
TAV5412MichaelLOWWLJLJA320-21100.397 ft/mAccepted
SWA670MarkKDALKPHXB737-80002.38-111 ft/mAccepted
TAC03311KennethKMEMKTULB737-80001.05-245 ft/mAccepted
TOM2146MikeEGKKLGSKB737-80003.25-253 ft/mAccepted
SWA1151MarkKFLLKDALB737-80002.51-158 ft/mAccepted
TAV5412MichaelLSZBLOWWB737-30001.16-212 ft/mAccepted
TAC7059ManfredPAJNPAKTB737-80000.57-208 ft/mAccepted
TAV1464MichaelEGKKKMIAB777-200 LR09.03-650 ft/mAccepted
TOM2154MikeLGRPEGNXA320-21104.16-146 ft/mAccepted
TAV31241GarfieldEGAAEIDWC172 SKYHAWK01.03-141 ft/mAccepted
TAC968WazzVOBLOMDBB777-200 LR04.05-143 ft/mAccepted