Touchdown Stats

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Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
TOM008 - Mike JetStream RadioAirbus A320-211KSFO-106/01/2019
TOM008 - Mike JetStream RadioBoeing B737-800ENSB-523/12/2017
TAV002 - Chris TaylorCessna C172 SkyhawkEGNS-1202/01/2018
BAW001 - Wazza T.A.VCessna C172 SkyhawkEGBN-1228/12/2018
VIR011 - Ben ZimmerCessna C172 SkyhawkCYZU-1702/01/2018
VIR011 - Ben ZimmerBoeing B737-800FAPE-1704/11/2017
VIR011 - Ben ZimmerCirrus Vision SF50CYOW-1814/12/2017
VIR011 - Ben ZimmerCessna C172 SkyhawkEGKK-2014/10/2017
BAW001 - Wazza T.A.VBoeing B737-800LEMD-2115/07/2018
BAW001 - Wazza T.A.VBoeing B737-800KATL-2111/09/2018

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