Touchdown Stats

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Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
TAV008 - Mike Abbott-SmithB737-800ENSB-523/12/2017
TAV002 - Chris TaylorC172 SkyhawkEGNS-1202/01/2018
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerC172 SkyhawkCYZU-1702/01/2018
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerB737-800FAPE-1704/11/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerCirrus Vision SF50CYOW-1814/12/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerC172 SkyhawkEGKK-2014/10/2017
TAV001 - Warren HollandBoeing B737-300EIDW-2415/11/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerC172 SkyhawkCYXC-2403/01/2018
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerCirrus Vision SF50CYZF-2414/02/2018
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerB767-300CYVR-2417/01/2018
TAV001 - Warren HollandPiper ArrowESMV-2820/12/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerCirrus Vision SF50RJAH-2829/11/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerCirrus Vision SF50CYHZ-3207/11/2017
TAV009 - Armin Fidalgo-MonfaredA320KSFO-3417/11/2017
TAV009 - Armin Fidalgo-MonfaredE-175KCLT-3808/10/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerC172 SkyhawkCYQF-3802/01/2018
TAV001 - Warren HollandB777-200EGKK-4307/02/2018
TAV008 - Mike Abbott-SmithB737-800OMDB-4410/12/2017
TAV013 - Randy HemmPiper ArrowCYXS-4525/11/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerC172 SkyhawkCYXH-4803/01/2018
TAV009 - Armin Fidalgo-MonfaredE-175KDTW-4828/09/2017
TAV007 - Louis MaguireBoeing 747-800LIRF-4927/12/2017
TAV009 - Armin Fidalgo-MonfaredB737-800CYYZ-5030/08/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerCirrus Vision SF50CYXS-5202/01/2018
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerPiaggio P180 AvantiCYEG-5205/01/2018
TAV001 - Warren HollandBoeing B737-300EIDW-5527/12/2017
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerC172 SkyhawkCYTZ-5514/12/2017
TAV023 - Pete DesjardinsMD-80EKCH-5507/02/2018
TAV011 - Ben ZimmerCirrus Vision SF50CYLW-5623/11/2017
TAV009 - Armin Fidalgo-MonfaredA320TNCM-5614/11/2017

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